WhatsApp Shayari in Hindi Latest 2022

WhatsApp Shayari: in Hindi Latest 2022 Have to do something now, Fear of losing nothing in sharing knowledge, Thirst, and water, Don’t limit love to a few dates

WhatsApp Shayari: Have to do something now

  • Enough rest now.
  • Come on, now something has to be done.
  • to tie your path,
  • You have to cross yourself.
  • The sheet of despair,
  • Now he has to throw it too.
  • Passion to achieve your goal,
  • Now you have to fill your veins.
  • The shackles that you tied in the foot,
  • You have to break them now.
  • A rocky wall, what to worry about?
  • Be in your senses,
  • They too have to become water now.
  • Look, your destination is looking for the way,
  • You have to see with tears in your eyes.
  • Enough rest now.
  • Come on, now something has to be done.

WhatsApp Shayari: Fear of losing nothing in sharing knowledge

  • I am a comrade of words
  • I meditate on the word
  • I worship the voice
  • Akshar-Akshar Naad is Brahman
  • I worship alphabets!
  • I am the master of writing
  • I draw on paper
  • scribe
  • voice of mind
  • I adore the voice!
  • I am a companion of books
  • opening the pages of a book
  • let go of closed thoughts
  • fear of losing books
  • I beg book protection!
  • I am the merchant of song and knowledge
  • I sell song knowledge by turning around
  • I trade with no profit loss
  • Fear of losing nothing by sharing knowledge
  • I live in the expansion of Sat Chitta!
  • I am a traveler of the book path
  • The book is on the verge of destruction
  • But the book is eternal ajar immortal
  • The Internet world is also dependent on books
  • I adore books!
  • I favor opening the gland of the gland
  • I refuse to be absorbed in the book
  • I worship the book as an idol god
  • The knowledge contained in the book is manifest to the whole world.
  • I bow to scriptural wisdom!

WhatsApp Shayari: Thirst and water

Now come don’t squeeze the stone and take out the water
no water now
Thirst is not quenched now
Only silence is standing, the tap in the house
sad because of Damayanti
hi it’s our fate
Hi Ray this is our deaf dumb heartless Manuspalati.
Come on now let’s kill you on your shoulders
Buying a coconut filled with water for five annas
no water now
Just silence is standing like a released cow, a huge empty tank
hi it’s our fate
Hi, this is our unfaithful Manuspalti’s unfaithful daughter Tanki.
Come on now don’t sit on your head
Gangdhardhari stone statue of Jatajutdhari Shankar
that we get
Tritapahari Gangodak in Jeth
And we would be satisfied with greens
no water now
Thirst is not quenched now
Just silence is standing, a heavy hot day full of sunshine
A sad day that burns itself and burns everyone
hire our luck
hi re it’s the murderous day of our unfaithful psyche
four don’t come now
On the scorched desert with his throat
Walk along a fragile river that was driven away from somewhere
and break her precious necklace of pearls
And in this way get ab-abundant Ab.
Because now we don’t get water
Because now our thirst is not quenched
hire humiliation
The deaf, naughty manuspalati does not love.

WhatsApp Shayari: Don’t limit love to a few dates

  • On a few dates, not limited to love.
  • This is a river, it has to be swept away.
  • Big trials, it has to be done now.
  • By crossing all, the path has to be made easy.
  • It has just blossomed, this bud of the heart.
  • By becoming a flower, Gulshan also has to smell it.
  • The flowers, however, wither and fall apart.
  • This is love, it has to be settled in the hearts.
  • When it rains love, keep the body and mind soaked.
  • It is based on this feeling, it has been there for centuries.
  • Whatever happens, love, if ever from God.
  • The nachis also have to get sugar here.

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