What is Normalization? How does normalization happen and why is it important?

What is Normalization: All of you students are welcome on this website, today we will know what is normalization and how is normalization and why is normalization needed? We will study about all these topics in detail.

Normalization is a word that every student must have heard in one or the other examinations. The normalization process was first started by “Carl R. May” , after which it started being used in various fields.

At present, Normalization is used in almost all government exams and data inspection tasks.

What is Normalization? How does normalization happen and why is it important?

What is Normalization? 

Normalization is the process of calculation which is done keeping in mind the variation in the difficulty level of different shifts in the competitive examination to eliminate the variation in the difficulty level of the question paper of all the candidates appearing in the competitive examination. .

Normalization is called “Normalization” in Hindi Normalization means to equalize the marks of the candidates appeared in multiple shifts on the basis of difficulty level.

Due to a large number of students, almost all competitive exams are conducted in multiple shifts, let us now see how normalization happens and why it is so important.

How does normalization happen?

Normalization is done on the basis of the average marks obtained in different shifts in which the average marks of each shift is worked out, below is the complete explanation of the normalization process.

Description of Normalization Process

Marks obtained by 15 students in different shifts in a 100 marks examination.


Here the exam has been taken in 3 shifts in the number of 5 students in which the total number of students is 15 = 5×3

Shift-1 Average Marks = 70+45+80+59+70 / 5 = 64.8

Shift-2 Average Marks = 65+61+75+90+59 / 5 = 70

Shift-3 Average Marks = 50+75+88+75+77 / 5 = 73

Now the most difficult question papers were given in the shift whose average number would be the lowest, in this situation the question paper of Shift-1 was difficult, then the normalization will be with Shift-1.

Shift-1 of Normalization

(Shift-3) – (Shift-2) = 73 – 70 = 3 

Now after normalization, +3 will be added to the marks of the students appearing in the Shift-1 exam.

Shift-1 without normalizationWith Shift-1 Normalization 
Remember: Normalization is always there for exams with tough question paper shifts.

Why is normalization necessary?

Normalization is very important not only for the students but it is equally important for the development of our country.

Normalization was a just demand of the students which eliminates further inequality among the students. Because the level of question paper is different in different shifts of the exam. 

Some of the aspirants fail because of the tough question paper prescribed in the exam with hard work while some other candidates get a comparatively easy question paper due to which they easily clear that exam. 

This creates a disparity among the students and ultimately affects the mentality of the deserving candidates, thus giving rise to dissatisfaction and unrighteousness.

Normalization not only removes further disparity among the students but it also boosts the pre-exam confidence among the students.

What is the feature of normalization?

  1. Normalization is a process of adjusting values ​​measured at different scales to a common scale.
  2. This is done to evaluate the performance of the candidates on the basis of the same exam parameters.
  3. Its purpose is to accommodate the difficulty level in the different shifts of the exam.
  4. The normalization process uses a formula to evaluate the score.
  5. It is up to the commission conducting the exam as to which formula it uses.
  6. The marks obtained by the candidates and the actual number of valid questions in different shifts are taken as input.

question and answer

What is Normalization?

Normalization is such a calculation process which eliminates the variation in the difficulty of the question paper to be given in different shifts of any examination.

Who invented Normalization?

Normalization was invented by “Carl R. May”.

Is normalization used in railways?

Yes, the normalization process is used in the railways, even if it is the examination of any category of railways.

What is the process of Normalization in SSC?

The normal eye gestation process in SSC is conducted between tier-1 and tier-2 from which the final conclusion is drawn.


The normalization process is a very important process as it creates equality situation among all the students appearing for the exam.

We hope that you will like our information about what is our normalization ( What is Normalization ) and how is normalization and why normalization is important and the characteristics of normalization.

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