Vikram Day 12 Box Office vs 777 Charlie Day 5 Collection vs Jurassic World Dominion box office report- Box Office: Vikram’s Hindi earning 300 crores air tight, 777 Charlie also failed, Jurassic World 3 insisted


Kamal Haasan’s film ‘Vikram’ has earned Rs 300 crore worldwide. Released in three languages ​​across the country, the film has done a business of more than Rs 190 crore at the Indian box office, while its air is tight in the Hindi version. The film has done a business of only Rs 4.96 crore in the Hindi version in 12 days. While on the other hand Kannada film ‘777 Charlie’ has also failed in Hindi. The film has earned only Rs 1.46 crore from the Hindi version in 5 days. At present, the entire responsibility of earning at the box office is on the shoulders of ‘Jurassic World Dominion’. The film has earned Rs 3.5 crore at the Indian ticket window on Tuesday as well.

The Jurassic Park franchise film ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ has got a better response than the rest of the films. The film did a business of Rs 3.75 crore in India on Monday. Whereas on Tuesday its earnings stood at Rs 3.50 crore. In this way, the film has earned a total of Rs 42.70 crore in 6 days including the earnings of the paid-premier on Thursday.

‘Jurassic World 3’ to earn lifetime 70 crores
Interestingly, ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ has got worse reviews than the previous films of the franchise. Despite this, the film is earning well due to not getting competition from any other film at the box office. The film is getting a good response from the multiplex audience. However, the lifetime earnings of ‘Jurassic Park Dominion’ in India do not seem to be going over Rs 70 crores.

Jurassic World Dominion earnings details-
Thursday – Rs 3.60 crore (paid previews)
Friday – Rs 8.15 crore
Saturday – Rs 11.50 crore
Sunday – Rs 12.25 crore
Monday – Rs 3.75 crore
Tuesday – Rs 3.50 crore
Total Earning – Rs 42.70 crore

‘Vikram’ couldn’t make a mark like KGF 2 or RRR
At present, two films of South are on the silver screen among the Hindi audience. But it is sad that none of these films have been able to show the same fire as ‘Pushpa’, ‘KGF 2’ or RRR. Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram’ has created a worldwide earning record in 12 days, while the air of the film is tight in the Hindi version. Since its release, the film has done a business of only Rs 4.96 crore in Hindi. The film’s earnings in Hindi have been in lakhs from day one. On Tuesday too, the film has done a business of just Rs 31 lakh in Hindi.

The hand of Tamil films is tight in Hindi
Kamal Haasan is very happy with the success of ‘Vikram’. From the cast of the film to the crew members, he has given parties, distributed gifts. However, market experts say that the maths of Tamil films has not been doing very well at the Hindi box office for a long time. The ticket window has always been dominated by Telugu films. In such a situation, ‘Vikram’ not earning in Hindi is not too surprising.

Vikram earning in Hindi-
First week – Rs 2.85 crore
Friday – Rs 22 lakh
Saturday – Rs 43 lakh
Sunday – Rs 63 lakh
Monday – Rs 26 lakh
Tuesday – Rs 31 lakh
Total earnings – Rs 4.96 crore

‘777 Charlie’ is emotional, but…
The Hindi version of ‘Vikram’ is similar to Rakshit Shetty’s Kannada film ‘777 Charlie’. After KGF 2, there has been a desire among the Hindi audience for Kannada films. But the emotional story of a dog and a human is not getting a lot of audience in the theatres. The film has done a business of just Rs 1.46 crore in 5 days.

Naya swinging between 20 lakhs – 22 lakhs
The special thing with ‘777 Charlie’ is that the film has been appreciated by all the audiences who have seen it. Even Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai became so emotional after watching the film that he came out of the theater crying. ‘777 Charlie’ has earned 20 lakh rupees from the Hindi version on Tuesday. The film earned Rs 22 lakh on Monday.

Earnings in Hindi version of 777 Charlie-
Friday – Rs 18 lakh
Saturday – Rs 31 lakh
Sunday – Rs 55 lakh
Monday – Rs 22 lakh
Tuesday – Rs 20 lakh
Total Earning – Rs 1.46 crore



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