Teenpatti Apk Download 100% Real Cash Game instant withdrawal 

TeenPatti Apk Download You must have heard about TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game, There used to be a time when all the friends used to play TeenPatti Apk game together . But now we are so busy with our work that we can sit peacefully and play TeenPatti Apk Cash game .

To solve this problem, now you can download TeenPatti Apk game money maker and play it online with your friends in your mobile . Because in today’s date you can not only entertain yourself by playing these TeenPatti Apk online cash games but you can also earn a lot of money from it.

If seen, TeenPatti Apk is a very old game , soThere are thousands of such real 3 pattas games available on the internet today , which makes it difficult to know which is the best TeenPatti Apk money winning game .

To help you, we will tell you in this article that;

  • How to earn money from TeenPatti Apk game (At least Rs.900 per day)
  • Best TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game Download (With Sign-up Bonus & Referral Earning)

Not only this, in this post you will also be given other important information and special advice about the online TeenPatti Apk game. You are requested to read this article from beginning to end.

Table of Contents

What is TeenPatti Apk money making Game?

TeenPatti Apk is a traditional game and it also originated in India. Earlier this game was played on a board together with casino, club and friends . But now this game can also be played in your mobile and for this many TeenPatti Apk money game have also been available on the internet.

What happens in this app is that you can play TeenPatti Apk game online with stranger players in your mobile and also win real money by betting money. The most important thing is that in all TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash 100 app, you can earn money in many ways.

Although this game can also be played offline in your mobile, but through offline medium you will neither be able to invest money nor earn money . Offline medium is best just for your entertainment otherwise you have to play online TeenPatti Apk game to earn real cash.

The rules are the same offline board as TeenPatti Apk game, just the game you have been playing it in your mobile . If we understand in simple language, then in real we are playing this game with people on a board but in this we are playing with players on online board . Everything else remains the same. 

Teenpatti Apk

What is required for TeenPatti Apk Paytm Cash Game?

When we play any game online, we need some things for that so that we do not face any problem while playing. And let’s face it, we are about to invest real money in this. Some things are also necessary to earn money from TeenPatti Apk Money making game, the information of which is as follows;

  • Android mobile (at least with Android version 6.1)
  • Trusted TeenPatti Apk Cash Game 
  • Internet connection 
  • Bank account, Paytm Wallet or UPI account (for deposit and withdrawal of money)
  • TeenPatti Apk game information so that you can earn good money

Some penny-paying TeenPatti Apk games or apps also support Amazon Pay Wallet and Google Pay . If you want, you can connect your UPI account on it. If you have all these things available then you can earn good money by playing Teen Patti game.

How To Earn Money From TeenPatti Apk Game 2022 –(100% Real Cash)

We can earn real money from TeenPatti Apk online game in not one but many ways, you have already known that but now you are going to know in detail about how to earn money from TeenPatti Apk In all these ways, you can earn good money through Teen Patti Money making Game.

1. Earn money by doing online TeenPatti Apk Challenge

The best way to earn money from TeenPatti Apk is by playing online challenges . What happens in this is that you have to challenge online players for TeenPatti Apk game and play the game. All these players are strangers and you bet according to the challenge.

With these the game progresses as you play the game and you win the game if you have the best sequence . After winning money you can also transfer your winning amount to your bank account.

2. Earn money from TeenPatti Apk game by referring

There are many TeenPatti Apk Money making games which are running Refer and Earn offer. In this, you get a unique referral link and invite code that you can send to your friends. If your friend downloads that TeenPatti Apk game from your referral link then you get money for that which gets deposited in the TeenPatti Apk game wallet itself. This is called Refer and Earn Money .

3. Earn Money Playing TeenPatti Apk Cash Tournament

Tournaments are often played in the online games of TeenPatti Apk . You can participate in these tournaments and you can earn money by winning the tournaments. Let us tell you that we have to play not one but many matches in the tournament.

Along with you other strangers also participate in tournaments and play TeenPatti Apk game. The tournament also has a leaderboard in which players are ranked according to points won per game. If you get the first rank in the tournament you win money which you can get through your bank account.

4. Earn money from TeenPatti Apk by betting together

Playing the TeenPatti Apk game by betting with your friends is also a great option. You can challenge your friends to TeenPatti Apk game and play this game with them. Whoever wins this game keeps the prize money. For this you can download any offline or online Teen Patti game.

5. Earn money in TeenPatti Apk game by taking signup cash

By downloading most of the TeenPatti Apk games, you get a sign up bonus when you create your account in it. You can use this sign up bonus to play games. With Sign Up Bonus when you play Teen Patti and when you win it then this Sign Up Bonus becomes your Redeemable .

That is, you can easily transfer this sign up bonus to your bank account. This is how you earn from TeenPatti Apk sign up bonus. Please note that in some Teen Patti apps, you can use 100% sign up bonus for matches, while in some you can use 20 to 50% sign up bonus. The rest of the money you have to deposit yourself and bet.

6. Earn Money By Getting Free TeenPatti Apk Chips

If you have played TeenPatti Apk game even once, then you must have heard about chips . Actually, the money which is in TeenPatti Apk game is called Chips. The value of chips is different in different games . For example, in one game, one chip is of one rupee, then in another game there are 50 chips of one rupee.

You get these chips in many ways such as signing up for the game, referring your friends , logging in everyday, getting first place in the leaderboard and winning chips by challenging and so on. You can convert these chips into rupees and you can withdraw in your bank account . In this way you can easily earn money from TeenPatti Apk Chips.

7. Earn Money Playing Real TeenPatti Apk on Telegram

Although I do not consider this method of earning money from TeenPatti Apk as reliable but still many people adopt this method and earn money. That’s why you also need to be aware of this method.

Let us know how to earn money in TeenPatti Apk by this process;

  1. You have to join any such telegram channel which makes TeenPatti Apk Challenge. 
  2. In this, the admin of the channel organizes  TeenPatti Apk Challenges from time to time .
  3. According to the challenge, all the players have to give equal amount to the admin. 
  4. After that if you win the challenge then the admin will give you your winning amount . 
  5. Although the admin also keeps some of this commission with himself.

This is how you can earn money on Telegram with TeenPatti Apk game . However there are many more ways to earn money from TeenPatti Apk game like getting sign up bonus, watching ads, login daily and collect points etc. But the above mentioned methods are the best ways to earn money from TeenPatti Apk.

TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game Download 2022 (Get Free ₹50 to 100 Bonus)

From what is the TeenPatti Apk game to earn money sitting at your home , you have got all kinds of information from TeenPatti Apk to how to earn money. But now the question arises that which app will be the best to earn money by playing TeenPatti Apk game, then we also have the answer.

As we told you, there are thousands of three card games available on the internet but not all are trustworthy. So now we are going to give you the list of the best TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game i.e. TeenPatti Apk Game Money making and their offers/bonuses.

TeenPatti Apk Game money making | Teen Patti Cash GamesDownload Bonus | TeenPatti Apk Link
WinZO TeenPatti Apk Games₹550 Bonus | ₹60/Refer ( Receive Cash )
Rummytimeno paytm cash
RummyCircle AppFree ₹1500 Welcome Bonus * ( Special Offer Link )
Rummy Culture₹300 Game Cash (Only for playing games)
TeenPatti Apk StarJust nothing
TeenPatti Apk GoldGet cash on winning the game
Junglee Rummy AppInstant 100 Rupees | 1,000/refer * ( INSTALL )
Adda52Rummy5 Tony Tickets + Referral Earnings
TeenPatti Apk Master Gets up to ₹ 1200 (Bonus Amount)
Gamezy AppUp to ₹2,500* + 20/Refer* ( Create Free Account )
KhelPlay Rummy10K TeenPatti Apk Chips + 200% Cashback

15 Best TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game 2022 | Money Earning TeenPatti Apk Game App – Earn Real Rummy Cash Daily

Whatever I have told you above to download Real TeenPatti Apk Cash game, now we are going to give complete information about them. If you follow my opinion then I will tell you to earn money by playing TeenPatti Apk on Winjo Gold Games and Rummy Circle Online , because in these you can get Instant Payment through Paytm Cash , Bank Account , UPI Deposit .

1. WinZO TeenPatti Apk Games (WinZO Rummy) – Get ₹100 Bonus Free

Winzo Gold is not only a real cash earning TeenPatti Apk game but it is also one of the best money earning apps in India. There is no popular money earning game that is not available in Winjo, you can play everything from Ludo, Online Rummy to TeenPatti Apk and earn money sitting at home. The format of its rummy game is very simple which can be played by anyone.

Let me tell you that you can win cash prize, paytm cash and real money up to Rs 1600-3200 every 6 hours by playing online Teen Patta Earning Game . With this you will be able to earn in 10 different ways . Let me also tell you that if you refer Winjo, you can get up to ₹ 60 for each referral .

Winzo TeenPatti Apk Paytm Cash Details

Prize / Reward AmountRs 17,500, Leaderboards, Coupons etc.
sign-up bonusRs 50 to 100 immediately (free cash offer)
download linkGet Special Offers »
referral system earning₹60/Invite (100% Real Cash)
referral codeadd in our link
payment methodPaytm , UPI, Bank Account, Amazon Pay
Minimum Withdrawal AmountRs.30 only (5% payment fee)

How to get Bonus up to ₹550 on Winzo?

  1. Download Winjo TeenPatti Apk Cash Game from this special link
  2. Install its apk file in your mobile
  3. Open Winjo, Select Language and Enter your Mobile Number
  4. You will get an OTP , enter it and verify it
  5. You will get ₹ 50 , now play any one free / paid game
  6. At the end of the game you will get up to ₹ 10-100
  7. You will get the remaining money after adding cash in the next 1-hour

How to earn money from Winjo TeenPatti Apk?

You can earn real money in this TeenPatti Apk Money making game by playing multiple games, spinning wheel , joining super stars, getting rank in leaderboard, participating in world war, playing fantasy games etc. There is no limit to earn money in this online three patti game, that is, you can make unlimited money.

To earn ₹ 1200 per day in Winjo Gold TeenPatti Apk Real Cash App , you get complete details of Winjo Gold App . TeenPatti Apk with ₹50 bonus.

2. Rummy Circle – Best TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game

Rummy Circle is the best app to earn money by playing TeenPatti Apk game. This game is developed by Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd in which millions of people are earning money by playing TeenPatti Apk. Its most important thing is that while signing up, you get 2000 rupees as a bonus so that you can play TeenPatti Apk and convert these money into real cash.

More than 30 million players play this game daily that means when you start the game, you will get your oppenent immediately and your time will not be wasted. At any time in this app we can withdraw the money which is the best thing about this app.

Rummy Circle TeenPatti Apk Wala Game Offer Information

prize pool10 lakh rupees, car, mobile phone
sign up bonus₹1500 Cash (Max)
download linkClick Here »
Refer & Earn Program₹500/Invite (Real Cash)
Referral CodeBEIN4152
Minimum Withdrawal100 rupees only

How to Download Rummy Circle TeenPatti Apk Game?

You can easily download Rummy Circle from playstore. As soon as you write Rummy Circle on Playstore, this app will come in front of you in which famous Bollywood artist Hritik Raushan will be seen promoting this app. With just one click, this game will be downloaded to your phone.

Apart from this, you can also download this online TeenPatti Apk Real Money app from their official website. Download Rummy Circle App from here , you will get up to ₹ 500 instantly.

How to earn money from rummy circle?

With more than thirty million players, tournaments are held in it all the time. You can participate in these tournaments and win great money by getting first place. In the beginning you can play this game even without money so that you can become expert in TeenPatti Apk game and win good money.

3. TeenPatti Apk Joy – Best TeenPatti Apk Online Cash Game

If you want to download New TeenPatti Apk Cash Winning Game then you should just install TeenPatti Apk Joy in your mobile now. Because Ace Real TeenPatti Apk Wala game has been launched recently because of this if you sign up for it you get ₹100 as Signup Bonus immediately .

In this you will get to play almost all TeenPatti Apk game variants , if you are expert in playing any one variant then you can easily earn 100% real ie real money by playing online TeenPatti Apk card game in it.

Not only that, when you refer TeenPatti Apk Joy TeenPatti Apk Bonus Game with other people, you will get ₹50 to ₹200 per referral immediately and then when they play the game or deposit money in it, you will get their commission. Will keep getting

That is to say, you can earn unlimited from this TeenPatti Apk New Game referral program. Also you can do these referral earning money in just one click through TeenPatti Apk Cash Withdrawal Bank and UPI

Joy TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game APK Bonus Offer

TeenPatti Apk Joy Download Numbersover 1.5 million
App rating and review4.2+ Star Ratings (72 Thousand+ Reviews)
Prize money for winning the tournamentMaximum Rs.15,000 (Cash Real Rummy Cash)
signup bonus offerInstant ₹100 Cash + Free TeenPatti Apk Chips (For Practice)
download linkClick Here »
Refer and Earn Income₹50 to ₹150 (TeenPatti Apk Game Bonus)
payment receiving optionUPI Transfer, Bank Account
Joy 3 Patti Cash WithdrawalRs.100 only (No fee will be charged)

Important Features of TeenPatti Apk Joy 3 Patta Game

  • On signing up, you can get free real TeenPatti Apk cash ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 150 .
  • This is a Trusted and New 3 Patti game to earn money.
  • In this you get all types of TeenPatti Apk variants to win easily .
  • With TeenPatti Apk Joy you can withdraw your winning money anytime.
  • In this, online three-leaf tournaments run from time to time, winning these are given cash prizes .
  • If there is any problem then you also get customer support in this TeenPatti Apk Cash App.

How to get free Rs 40 bonus in TeenPatti Apk Joy?

  1. First download and install it on your mobile, and open it.
  2. You have to register in it, for this, verify the OTP by entering your mobile number, email, your name .
  3. Now without doing anything you will see cash bonus ranging from Rs 20 to 100 in TeenPatti Apk Joy wallet.
  4. If you want to increase this money, then you play one of the TeenPatti Apk Cash Tournaments in it .

I told you how to get free 40 % bonus from this TeenPatti Apk online cash game but it is subject to change from time to time. Sometimes on special occasions you can also get TeenPatti Apk ₹100 bonus absolutely free.

4. Rummy Time

Rummy Time is the best and new TeenPatti Apk money game after Rummy Circle as this app provides the best customer service. Although this app guarantees you that you will not face any problem, but if you face any problem then you can get your problem resolved through chat or through call from their customer support.

When you withdraw the money you win in this game, you can get your money in your bank account in just 60 seconds which makes this app even more special. About 70 lakh people play this game everyday and earn money.

rummy time TeenPatti Apk game information

cash prize money₹10 Lakh, Bike, iPhone etc.
joining offer400 rupees (deposit cash)
special download linkClick Here »
referral systemUp to ₹6000 per Refer (Real Cash)
referral codelink-based
minimum payoutRS 100 only (at least)

How to Download Rummy Time TeenPatti Apk?

Rummy time game can be downloaded and played from playstore. This app has been downloaded more than 1 million times on playstore and with a rating of 4.8, this app is becoming very popular. Let me tell you one thing, if you download Rummy Time TeenPatti Apk from this special link then you will get Sign Up Bonus up to Rs.400 for free .

How To Earn Money With Rummy Time Patta Game?

You can earn money from this app by playing online TeenPatti Apk game but when you refer any of your friend for this app then you get 6000 rupees in wallet . With this money you can play games and win the game and make this money real money. Tournaments are also organized from time to time in this app.

5. Big Cash TeenPatti Apk Game – Get ₹51 Bonus

You must know Big Case, in this you will get to see all types of casual and fantasy games from 3 patti game, on playing and winning you get 100% real cash which you can easily enter Paytm , UPI and bank details . can withdraw .

Recently Big Cash App has launched online TeenPatti Apk game money win game on its platform. Although their formats are a bit tough but the competition is very less in winning them by playing them . This means you can play Teen Patti Real Cash game online on Big Cash and win huge amount of money every day without earning any money .

Not only this, when you get Big Cash TeenPatti Apk downloaded in another person’s mobile , you will get ₹ 10 for every referral and will continue to get 2.5% lifetime commission . Whatever referral commission you get is 100% real cash that you can withdraw.

Bonus Offer of Big Cash Asli TeenPatti Apk Game

total download numbermore than 2 crore
Ratings and Reviews4.3+ User Rating (6.5 Lakh+ Reviews)
Three Patta Reward AmountMax ₹9,500 Cash Paytm Cash (On winning the tournament)
welcome bonus offerFree Rs.51 to Rs.100 
download linkRegister Now » (TeenPatti Apk Bonus 51)
Refer and Earn Earnings₹10 per referrer. Lifetime 30% commission
payment optionPaytm Cash, Bank Account, UPI Transfer
Minimum redeem amount100 rupees only

Features of Big Cash Rummy Game TeenPatti Apk

  • In this you will get to see more than 15 online real cash games.
  • Referring you get 10 per referrer plus 2.5% commission for whole life when people play any game on it.
  • It has the option of 24 hours live support.
  • Big Cash has a monthly leader board, if you get placed in it, you will earn extra up to ₹ 8000 without doing anything.
  • In this, you will get all the payment options like UPI, Bank Account and Paytm Wallet Transfer.

How to get Big Cash TeenPatti Apk ₹100 Bonus?

  1. Download it on your mobile from this special link of ours and then install
  2. Open Score now and login via Facebook
  3. You will get free TeenPatti Apk Cash Bonus up to ₹50 on login .
  4. To get the remaining ₹ 50, put at least ₹ 20 in its wallet, you will get free cashback up to 200% .

After doing this, the total in your Big Cash Wallet will be ₹ 70 , and to get ₹ 30, you play any one TeenPatti Apk card game in it, on which you will get prize money as well as extra money which ranges from ₹ 11 to ₹ 41. can be up to

6. Rummy Culture – Online 3 Patti Real Money Game

Rummy Culture was launched in the year 2017 to take the online TeenPatti Apk game to a new level. This Teen Patti Real Cash game app is available in 6 different languages ​​and can play tournaments and online challenges for Teen Patti. Lakhs of players play Teen Patti everyday on this app and earn money.

Another great offer is that you get double the money you deposit in your wallet to place bets. For example, if you have deposited Rs 100 then you get Rs 200 in your wallet. This allows you to play more TeenPatti Apk and earn more money.

Famous Indian cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina are the brand ambassadors of this app, so it would be wrong to doubt the credibility of this app.

Details of Rummy Culture Real TeenPatti Apk

how much can you win5 lakh rupees, unlimited rummy chips, smartphone
sign-up cashFree ₹300 Instant (Game-Cash)
Download Offer LinkGoogle Play Store »
Refer & Earn Earning₹100/referral (Extra ₹1900, on add cash)
invite codeInvite link only
how much can you withdraw100 rupees only

How to Download Rummy Culture TeenPatti Apk?

When you open Playstore, you have to search by writing Rummy Culture in its search bar. After this Rummy Culture game will appear in the search result and you can install it and play TeenPatti Apk game in it.

How To Make Money With Rummy Culture Tin Patta Game?

There are different types of contests in rummy culture in which you can participate by paying the entry fee. If you don’t have money to make a deposit, don’t worry as you also get a sign up bonus. You can use that sign up bonus to play games and earn more money.

7. TeenPatti Apk Star – TeenPatti Apk Game Paisa Wala Online

There are a lot of rummy games available in this new TeenPatti Apki Star app but as its name suggests, it has more focus on TeenPatti Apk Paytm game. You can play TeenPatti Apk with random people and earn a lot depending on your skills.

You have 17 different types of games available in this app, so this game has been downloaded more than 5 lakh times from playstore. Its user interface is also quite simple so that you will not face any kind of problem while playing TeenPatti Apk in it.

More about TeenPatti Apk Star

cash prize amountMaximum Rs.10,000
Welcome Cash BonusFree ₹100 Bonus (Gaming Cash)
download linkClick Here »
referral programEarn up to ₹150 for every invite
referral codeNot available
Minimum Withdrawal Amountaround Rs 100

How to get ₹100 bonus from TeenPatti Apk Star?

You will find this game available on both Playstore and Apple Store. With just a search, this game will come to you and with a single click you can download and install it. This TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game will give you ₹100 bonus for free when you place a bet on it.

How to earn money from TeenPatti Apk Star Online?

In this too , you can earn money by playing 17 types of different games like Paisa Wala Fivein app , but at the same time, this app also provides us a great opportunity to earn money by referring. When you refer someone , we get Rs.71 as bonus and along with this you will get 30% commission of the money your invitee earns . This means once you have referred someone, your earning will not stop.

8. TeenPatti Apk Gold – Real TeenPatti Apk Game Paisa Wala Online

TeenPatti Apk Gold game has become quite popular with time. You can guess its popularity from the fact that this TeenPatti Apk game money maker has been downloaded more than 50 million times from playstore. The secret of its popularity is the simple user interface and light weight of this app.

There are 7 different types of TeenPatti Apk apps available that you can play. From time to time, leagues are also organized in it, in which if you get the top rank, then you get good earnings from it. When you withdraw money from this app, money is transferred to your bank account within 2 to 3 hours, which is the best thing about this app.

More details of TeenPatti Apk Gold

prize poolhave to bet
sign up bonusNo joining cash will be received
special download linkTouch it »
Refer & Earn ProgramNot available
Referral Codenot applicable
Minimum WithdrawalThe host of the game will pay

How to Download TeenPatti Apk Gold?

Like other apps, TeenPatti Apk Gold can also be downloaded from Playstore. All you have to do is to go to the Playstore and search by typing TeenPatti Apk Gold. At the top of the result you will find this game available which you can download.

How to earn money from TeenPatti Apk Gold 3 Patta game?

Tournaments are organized every week in TeenPatti Apk Gold. You can participate in these. Apart from this, if you refer someone for this game, then you also get a commission of 40 percent of your invitation. And then out you also get a sign up bonus as soon as you install the game which you can use to play 3 Patti.

9. Junglee Rummy – Get ₹41 Bonus & 10,000 Chips Free

There is talk of earning money by playing TeenPatti Apk and there is no talk of wild rummy, can it happen? Junglee Rummy is just 9MB Lightweight New Real Money Wala Patti game which you can play on 2G phone also . Nearly 50 million players play this TeenPatti Apk Real Cash game app daily, so you won’t have to wait to find your competitor.

Famous Indian singer Annu Kapoor is the brand ambassador of this app, which makes it even easier to trust the app’s security. Various types of TeenPatti Apk games are available in this app so that your entertainment will not be lacking.

Description of Wild Rummy Card Cash Game

cash prize moneyUp to Rs 1.5 crore, car, mobile phone
joining offerFree 8850* Cash (Immediately Rs 100 + Balance Cashback)
Download Offer LinkClick Here »
referral system₹1000/friend * + up to ₹2,00,000* (on entering the leaderboard)
invite codeadd in link
minimum payoutOnly Rs.100 (No Extra Fees)

How To Download Junglee Rummy Original TeenPatti Apk?

Wild Rummy can be downloaded in three ways. First from playstore , secondly their official website and thirdly if we miss call on their official mobile number “ 0989297711 ” then you will get download link of its apk file through SMS and you can download this TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash 100 app . can. But if you want free ₹ 100 cash bonus then you can install it by clicking on this link .

How To Make Money With Junglee Rummy Online Cards Game?

Wild Rummy can be played between 2 to 6 players . You can win this game by betting with random players, but there are also free tournaments held daily. That is, if you do not have money to play the game then you can join these free tournaments and earn 100% Real Rummy Cash by getting the first position .

If you want to get free bonus cash up to ₹ 8,850 from Junglee Rummy app and want complete information on how to earn from it, then know now how to earn money from Junglee Rummy, earn up to ₹ 2500 every day.

10. Adda52Rummy – Real TeenPatti Apk Paisa Wala Game

Adda52Rami is a new money earning TeenPatti Apk game in the market which is slowly becoming popular. You can play TeenPatti Apk in it anytime, anywhere or at any time. In this, there are many types of TeenPatti Apk games, by playing which you can earn a lot like Dream11  app .

Many people think that we will not get any benefit from the app being new. But let us tell you that due to being new, the competition in this app is very less, due to which your chances of winning increase greatly. So you must try this app.

Adda52Rami TeenPatti Apk Paytm Details

how much can you win11 lakh 50 thousand rupees, festival gift
sign-up cashFree Rs 6000 + 5 tourney tickets
download linkClick Here »
Refer & Earn Earningdoes not exist yet
Referral CodeRUMMY52
how much can you withdraw100 rupees only (no fee)

How to Download Adda52Rami TeenPatti Apk?

As soon as you search by typing Adda52Rummy on playstore, then this app will come in front of you. All you have to do is click on the install button, that’s all, you’re done. Now you can earn good money every day by playing online rummy on TeenPatti Apk Khelo Paisa Jeeto app.

How to earn money from Adda52Rami TeenPatti Apk App?

In Adda52Rummy you get to play various types of TeenPatti Apk games like 13 Cards Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy etc. You can play these games and earn good money along with your entertainment. Along with this, you also get promotions and bonuses from time to time, by taking advantage of which you can increase your chances of earning even more.

11. TeenPatti Apk Master – Best TeenPatti Apk Earning App

TeenPatti Apk Master has been launched to give a feel like real life TeenPatti Apk. In this, you will get to see TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game 3 in a variety of formats, which you can enjoy. Talking about the specialty of Teen Patti Mastermind, every day you get bonus in it, using which you can play Teen Patti game and earn real money.

Till now this TeenPatti Apk Bonus Game has been downloaded more than 5 lakh times from playstore and its official site and this app is gaining great popularity with a good rating of 4.1.

Know more about TeenPatti Apk Master

cash prize amountRs 15,000, Free Rummy Chips
Welcome Cash BonusFree up to ₹1200 (Cash Bonus)
special download linktouch here »
referral programYou will get ₹1500/Refer* + ₹20 to your friend
referral codelink-based tracking
Minimum Withdrawal Amount100 rupees only

How to get ₹50 bonus from TeenPatti Apk Master?

Like most of the TeenPatti Apk apps, it can also be downloaded with a search in the Playstore. Apart from this, you can also download TeenPatti Apk Real Cash game from their official website which we have given in the table, get ₹ 50 bonus and earn money by playing TeenPatti Apk.

How to earn money from TeenPatti Apk Mastermind game?

There are many TeenPatti Apk games that you can play to earn money and win easily because of less competition. Apart from this, if you refer any of your friends to this 3 Patti app, then you can get bonus up to 10 thousand rupees and you can convert this bonus into real money.

12. Gamezy App – Paisa Kamane Wala TeenPatti Apk Game

Along with TeenPatti Apk, if you want to earn money by playing other games too, then this TeenPatti Apk Real Cash app can prove to be the best for you because there are many other good money earning games in it. You have appointed famous Indian cricketer K.L. You must have heard the name of Rahul , while he is the brand ambassador of this app.

It has been downloaded from playstore more than Big Cash app i.e. more than 1 million times and every day lakhs of people play TeenPatti Apk in this app and earn money. This app guarantees us 100% fair play game policy, which increases the credibility of this app even more.

Description of Gemzi TeenPatti Apk New Game APK

prize poolRs 50 lakh, iPhone, Car
sign up bonusStarting from ₹50 (On Cashing the Ad)
Download Offer LinkInstall Now »
Refer & Earn Program20 RS per Invite. to both
invite code?
Minimum Withdrawal25 rupees only

How to download gamezi card wala cash game?

If you want, you can easily get the game from playstore but if you do not have playstore account then you can also get this game by visiting their official website. Further for your benefit, we have given the download link of this real money earning TeenPatti Apk game, from which you will get free money up to ₹ 500 on installing Gameji . Try this link .

How to earn money from GameZee TeenPatti Apk Money making Game?

There are many TeenPatti Apk games available in Gamzi that you can play. Not just TeenPatti Apk, you will be able to play many more games in GameZee like Ludo, Poker, 8 Ball and Fantasy games etc. That is, in a way, it is an all in one game, along with enjoying it, you can also earn money.

13. KhelPlay Rummy – Real 3 Patti Paytm Cash APK Game

KhelPlay Rummy is another great TeenPatti Apk money game to earn money by playing Teen Patti. This is a very smooth, fast running and simple user interface even on low internet, a small TeenPatti Apk Case app which has been downloaded more than 2-million times on playstore.

There are many features available in this app like chatting with opponent player, showing information of active tables, earning real money from online TeenPatti Apk game and tell whether game is currently connected to internet or not. All these features make this app different from other apps.

More Details of Khelpale Rummy TeenPatti Apk Bonus

cash prize moneyRs 5,00,000 on top rank
joining offer10,000 chips + up to 200% cashback
download linkClick Here »
referral systemMax ₹2500/Refer (on your friend’s cash deposit)
referral code36fVXMz
minimum payout100 rupees only

How To Download Khelpale TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game APK?

Downloading Khelpalle Rummy is not a difficult task. When you open Google Playstore in your mobile, you can search by typing Rummy in it, after which the app will have appeared in front of you and you can download and install it. If you want the benefit of 10,000 chips click here , you will also get rummy chips and 200% cashback .

How To Earn Money With Khelpale TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash 50?

To play TeenPatti Apk, you get many games in it. In this you can select your favorite game and play it. If you win the game, you get the prize money. You can get this amount in your bank account anytime. This is how you can earn money by playing rummy.

14. TeenPatti Apk Baaz – Online TeenPatti Apk Paytm Cash Game

TeenPatti Apk Baaz is another great app to earn money with your entertainment. Millions of people are earning money using this app. This TeenPatti Apk game money making game is developed by MyClock Computer Technologies. In this app, you will get to play TeenPatti Apk Real Money game with many types of variants, by playing which you will be able to entertain yourself as well as earn money from it.

You will get more than one lakh players available in this game so that you will not have to wait to start the game and due to the simple user interface, you will also find it easy to play 3 Patti.

baaz TeenPatti Apk new game offer details

how much can you winCash Rs 25,000, Free Team Patti Chips
sign up cashFree ₹51 Bonus
special download linkClick Here »
Refer & Earn Earning30% Cash Deposit Commission ( Lifetime )
Referral CodeNot available
how much can you withdrawBut Rs.100 (₹0 Processing Fee)

How to get ₹40 bonus from TeenPatti Apk Baaz?

TeenPatti Apk Baaz is a safe game but this game is not available on playstore so you have to download its apk file from their official website teenpattibaaz.com to get ₹40 bonus in TeenPatti Apk Baaz . If you download this TeenPatti Apk app from their official website then you get Free Cash under welcome offer .

How to earn money from TeenPatti Apk Baaz Patta Ka Game?

When it comes to earning money from TeenPatti Apk Baaz, you will get a lot of games available in this which you can play and win money and also Refer and Earn offers are also run by this app from which you can earn a lot.

15. TeenPatti Apk Live – Online 3 Patti Paytm Cash Game

TeenPatti Apk Live is a 100% Secured Online TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game. This New TeenPatti Apk Cash Game is specially designed to play TeenPatti Apk online and earn money from it. Not only this, you can transfer your winning balance to the bank as well as to Paytm .

Let me tell one more thing that in this the format of online TeenPatti Apk game is different and easier than all other money earning TeenPatti Apk games . In TeenPatti Apk Life you can play rummy games of all formats and earn real rummy cash.

Live TeenPatti Apk App Details

game rating4.2+ star ratings
total download countmore than 5 lakh
TeenPatti Apk Cash Prize AmountMaximum Rs 15,000, additional TeenPatti Apk chips etc.
signup bonus offerFree Rs.50 (TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash)
download linkInstall From Here »
referral commissionBonus up to ₹41 per referral
payment optionBank Account, UPI Account, Paytm Transfer

Key Features of TeenPatti Apk Live

  • If there is any problem in playing TeenPatti Apk card game, then you can contact their customer anytime.
  • You also get TeenPatti Apk 41 Bonus on signing up on it.
  • This is a trusted rummy cash game that has been downloaded more than 5,00,000 times .
  • All the players that play in this are 100% real .
  • In this you also get the option to earn money by referring .

How to get 51 bonus from TeenPatti Apk Live?

  1. First of all go to its official site and download TeenPatti Apk Live from there.
  2. Now you have to install it in your mobile phone, then open it
  3. Verify OTP by entering your mobile number and other details
  4. After doing this your account will be created on TeenPatti Apk Live and you will get TeenPatti Apk 51 bonus .

Whatever bonus you will get in this real money TeenPatti Apk game, you cannot withdraw it immediately in your paytm or bank .

Which is TeenPatti Apk New Game with Real Money (List of TeenPatti Apk New Game)

  • Teen Patti Wealth
  • Teen Patti Cash by Octro
  • Teen Patti Bindaas
  • A23 Teen Patti New Game
  • Teen Patti Joy
  • taj rummy leaf game
  • Teen Patti Power (3 Patti Power)
  • Teen Patti 999
  • Teen Patti 444 (Teen Patti New Game)
  • Teen Patti 666
  • Teen Patti Fun
  • rummy 777 app
  • Teen Patti 555 (New 3 Patti Cash App)
  • Teen Patti Ishara
  • Teen Patti Jodi
  • Teen Patti Orchid
  • MPL Teen Patti
  • Teen Patti King
  • Teen Patti VS
  • Teen Patti All – Teen Patti 41 Bonus Game
  • Teen Patti Vungo
  • Super Teen Patti – Indian Teen Patti Game
  • Teen Patti Royal
  • Teen Patti Bank – Teen Patti Indian Poker Game
  • Teen Patti Rico
  • Teen Patti Yes

The gaming app just mentioned in the list is the new online TeenPatti Apk Real Money game which you can call TeenPatti Apk Paytm Cash App. Because you can withdraw Paytm Cash along with withdrawing real money from them.

What is TeenPatti Apk Cash Game?

TeenPatti Apk is a card game which people also consider as gambling. The game is played between 3 to 6 players with a pack of 56 cards without jokers . Like other Rumm y games, players have to bet an equal amount of money and play the game.

After placing the money, three cards each are dealt to all the players and the game proceeds. As the game progresses, the cash amount also increases and in the end the game is won by the person who has the sequence of the heaviest cards (best hand) .

However, there are also some rules of this game , only after following which you can play and win this game. But you do not need to worry about it because in this article you will also be given information about the rules of TeenPatti Apk game .

How To Play TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game Online?

You have got the information about the best apps to play TeenPatti Apk, but now the question arises that how to play this game? Playing TeenPatti Apk game is not a difficult task. TeenPatti Apk is a simple and entertaining game that you can play like this;

  1. First of all open your favorite TeenPatti Apk Cash game . If you have not downloaded the TeenPatti Apk game yet, then you can see in the list above. 
  2. Now choose the match you want to play. Such as tournaments, matches with random players and prize pool matches etc. 
  3. The match will start between  3 to 6 players .
  4. After that all players will bet in  equal amount .
  5. Three of three cards are now dealt among all the players . 
  6. Now all the players will show their cards in turn . 
  7. You must also show your cards when it is your turn. 
  8. The player who has the best sequence of cards will win the match. 
  9. After winning, the prize money is added to the player’s wallet and now he withdraws it whenever he wants .

Advice for you : Before placing bets in any online TeenPatti Apk real game, it is better to watch the tutorial video of that money paying card app on YouTube . This will increase your chances of understanding and winning cash .

Do TeenPatti Apk Games Really Give Real Paytm Cash?

Yes, it is 100% true that TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash game give cash paytm cash and real money . But many of these apps are also frauds, so you should check before downloading TeenPatti Apk Cash game online .

Rest assured , because all the money earning TeenPatti Apk games we have listed in this article are all tested and 100% reliable . Because we have thoroughly investigated all the Indian poker games i.e. TeenPatti Apk Game Money Earner and told which are the upcoming TeenPatti Apk Apps with ₹41 Bonus.

easy way to win in TeenPatti Apk game

If you want to win the TeenPatti Apk game easily, then before playing this game, you should research it thoroughly and know the rules of this game well. We have already told you about its rules, which you can read above. 

Apart from this, you should also practice offline without investing money so that you can get a good knowledge about this game and there will be no problem in playing TeenPatti ApkOne becomes expert in the sport only through practice. So keep practicing, you will definitely become a professional player soon .

Tips To Play TeenPatti Apk Rummy Real Cash

Those who are new players find it a little difficult to play 3 Patti, so we would like to share some tips for them below so that they do not face any problem and they win the game easily. Some of these tips are as follows:-

  • Never bet too much money in the game. Bet only as much as you can bear the loss. 
  • Play TeenPatti Apk in the starting time with your friends without any bets so that you can practice and become an expert in this game. 
  • Always play TeenPatti Apk with a good internet connection so that the game does not stop and your money is not wasted. 
  • Keep getting the bonuses you get in the game so that you can also benefit. 
  • Pay attention to the opponent’s next move and only then analyze your move.

Most important thing : No new player can win this game easily. So you must practice this game first. Some Patti Wala games even offer up to 20,000 rummy chips for free to practice .

Online TeenPatti Apk Game Rules and Ranks

When we play any game, some of its rules are set in advance so that there is no discrimination against any player and only the right player wins that game. Similarly , there are some rules of TeenPatti Apk game, the information of which we are going to provide you below;

  • Trail: 3 cards of the same card called a trail can be considered the most powerful. 
  • Sequence : Three cards that are in the same sequence are called sequences but not necessarily of the same suit. 
  • Pure Sequence : 3 cards of the same sequence which are of the same suit are called pure sequences. 
  • Pair : Two cards of the same number out of three cards are called pairs. 
  • Colour : These are three cards of the same suit but it is not necessary to be in sequence every time. 
  • Playing Scene : The player makes his move by looking at his cards. 
  • Playing Blind : The player puts his bet in this without being seen.
  • High card : When a card in three cards is not colored on the same side and yet it is set high, then it is called a high card. 
  • Side Show Move : Some people also call it the back show move. Basically the last player who made the move by looking at his cards is called a side show move.

See TeenPatti Apk Real Money Earn TeenPatti Apk game app is not as difficult as it seems to understand and play. If you practice this game 10-12 times in mobile, then you will understand it very well.

Question Answer (FAQs) – TeenPatti Apk Game Money Making | Best TeenPatti Apk Real Cash Game

After getting the above-mentioned information, I know you must be having many questions related to online game playing TeenPatti Apk and TeenPatti Apk Cash Withdrawal and it is our duty to answer them. So let’s know the answers to some common questions.

Which is the most real Teen Patti Cash game?

Although most of the Teen Patti games are good, but when we researched all the Teen Patti Real Cash 100 Bonus Games 
analyzed their features 
, we came to know that WinZO Teen Patti and Rummy Circle are the best Teen Patti game. .

How much money can I earn from online Teen Patti game?

It depends on your way of playing Teen Patti and your luck that how much money you can earn from Teen Patti game. 
If you have become an expert in playing Teen Patti money making apps, then you can earn 
thousands of rupees daily from this game.

How to play Teen Patti online?

There are many 
original Teen Patti games available on the internet to play Teen Patti online from which you can download any app of your choice and play 
Teen Patti online cash game and win. 
Above we have also mentioned some of the best Teen Patti games that you must check out.

How to download Real Teen Patti?

In this article we have given the bonus Teen Patti link to download all Teen Patti Real Cash game 

If you 
download Teen Patti Rummy game with all offers from our 
Teen Patti Bonus 100 link then you 
can get a bonus 
ranging from Rs 40 to Rs 550 .

Which is the mantra to win Teen Patti?

There is only one mantra to win Teen Patti and that is practice. 
If you practice well then you can become expert in this game and then no one can stop you from winning.

Which is the biggest Patti in Teen Patti game?

In the game of Teen Patti, the largest leaf is ‘AAK’ and the smallest leaf is 223.

How to get chips in Teen Patti game?

You can get Teen Patti Chips in many ways such as by winning challenges, by getting first place in tournaments, by referring your friends and getting sign up bonus in the form of chips etc.

What happens when you play Teen Patti Cash game?

Playing Teen Patti game not only entertains you but you can also earn money by playing this game. 
Due to this, two targets are shot with one arrow and your advantage is your advantage from both the arrows.

How To Earn Real Money By Playing Teen Patti Online?

We can earn real money from the list of best Teen Patti apps that we have mentioned above. 
After winning money in the game we can easily transfer them to our bank account.

Is the game of Teen Patti gambling?

Not at all if you play it wisely and using your skills. 
But if you get used to it then you will find it a gamble, which is true. 
So anytime play Teen Patti Real Cash Teen Patta game by being in control so that you do not face any financial risk.

What are the benefits of winning money Teen Patti Cash game?

The advantage of playing Teen Patti Cash Game app online is that you 
can win 
15-30 thousand rupees within 2 hours using your skill. But it should not be addicted, otherwise it may cause harm instead of profit.


Even though the government of our country has termed it as legal and called it a game of skill . But still this game involves financial risk and you can get addicted to this game. So you should play TeenPatti Apk online cash game at your own risk and invest only as much money as you can afford to lose.

If you want to play TeenPatti Apk game just for your entertainment then play it with your friends without betting and if you want to invest money then invest less money.

We have provided you all the information related to downloading Teen Patti Real Cash game and we have also told you all the best online TeenPatti Apk Paisa Wala game apps by giving the above list.

Apart from these, if you have any question related to TeenPatti Apk game earning money or winning money TeenPatti Apk game , then you can ask by commenting . We will try to answer all your questions. Do share this article with your friends and acquaintances so that they too can earn money by playing TeenPatti Apk game.

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