Gama Pehalwan: diet, training, hobby, etc

Gama Pehalwan: Who did not lose single wrestling ..Bruce Lee was a fan, but in the end, had to sell medals too

When Google remembered Gamma, people became curious to know about them. In the name of ‘The Great Gama’, Gama played such a wrestling stick all over the world that people are thrilled to hear his stories.

When someone’s name becomes popular by becoming an example for the people, then the exploits of that person can be estimated. India’s famous Gama wrestler was one of them. Today is Gama Pehalwan’s birth anniversary and when Google remembered Gama with a doodle, people got curious to know more about Gama Pehelwan. Known as ‘The Great Gama’, Gama Pehalwan played such a dance of Indian wrestling all over the world that people get thrilled to hear his stories.

Actually, today is the 144th birthday of Gama Pehalwan. Gama Pehalwan was born on 22 May 1878 in Jabbowal village of Amritsar. According to reports, a Kashmiri came from a Muslim family and his father Muhammad Aziz Baksh used to fight wrestling in the court of Bhawani Singh, the then Maharaja of Datia. Although a fact about the birth of Gama Pehalwan is also told that he was born in Datia, Madhya Pradesh, but according to the information available on Wikipedia, he was born in Amritsar only.

the hobby of becoming a wrestler since childhood

Gama Pehalwan’s father Muhammad Aziz Baksh used to fight wrestling in the court of Bhawani Singh, the then Maharaja of Datia. His father passed away when Gama Pehalwan was 6 years old. After this, Gama’s maternal grandfather taught him and his brother wrestling, when Gama wrestler first came in the eyes of the world, he was only 10 years old. A competition was held in Jodhpur in 1888. And it was attended by more than 400 wrestlers and Gama was in the last 15. When the organizers saw his amazing performance at such a young age, he was declared the winner.

Gama Pehalwan: diet and training are such that the senses fly away

According to reports, Gama Pehalwan used to practice wrestling with 40 wrestlers in his arena. Gama used to take special care of food and drink for his fitness. He used to include 6 desi chicken, 10 liters of milk and almond sorbet in his diet every day. Not only this, during training, he used to do 5000 squats every day i.e. sitting, and 3000 pushups i.e. punishment.

Gama Pehalwan: Didn’t lose a single wrestling match in his entire career.

It is well known about Gama that in his career spanning more than 50 years, he has never lost to anyone in wrestling. In his career, he also won the World Heavyweight Championship (1910) and the World Wrestling Championship (1927), where he was awarded the title ‘Tiger’. Gama Pehalwan became Rustam-e-Hind in the early 20th century.

Bruce Lee also became his fan after seeing the training

It is said that once he even challenged American martial arts artist Bruce Lee. But when Bruce Lee met Gama wrestler, he learned from him ‘The Cat Stretch’, which is a variant of push-ups based on yoga. After this Bruce Lee became his fan after seeing Gama’s diet and training. The meeting of Gamma and Bruce Lee has been mentioned on Wikipedia. Gama Pehalwan fought the last wrestling of his life in 1927 with Swedish wrestler Jess Petersen.

Gama Pehalwan: Last days in financial crisis and trouble

According to many reports, Gama Pehalwan moved from Amritsar to Lahore after Partition. But there he was not taken care of and he struggled with the money crunch. After quitting wrestling, he complained of asthma and heart disease and his condition worsened. He was in such a financial crunch that he had to sell his medal at the last moment. He finally died in 1960 at the age of 82.

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