E-Shram Card: So you can get your E-shram card made in this way.

e-Shram Card: These people can make e-shram card and which documents will be needed, check flower information

e-Shram Card: Those who are workers working in the unorganized sector and whose age is between 16 to 59, those people will be eligible to get e-shram online.

Those who are already taking advantage of any pension or government scheme, those people will not be eligible for this scheme.

E-Shram Card: As you must be hearing a lot about E-Shram in these days. Many people have applied online for E-Shram Card.

There are many benefits of this e-Shram Card, such as financial benefits in installments, insurance of up to 2 lakhs, financial benefits for building a house, and many more government schemes can be availed.

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Do you know who can get e-shram card made and how?

How to make e-Shram card: What should be the eligibility to get this card made. Let us tell you how to make e-Shram card.

These people can get e-shram card made:

People who are between 16 to 59 years of age will be eligible for the scheme. People working in unorganized sectors will get the benefit of this. E-shram card can apply through both offline and online means.

You can apply online absolutely for free:

The application of e-shram card can be applied for absolutely free by going to the e-shram portal through aadhar card.

E shram card is ready and ready immediately, it can be immediately downloaded and removed.

For this you are not being charged any application fee. Only the people of the public service center or wherever they apply will take their registration fee.

So you can get your E-shram card made in this way.

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