Anupamaa Spoiler Anupama taught Barkha a lesson a tremendous twist is coming in the show


Anupamaa Spoiler - India TV Hindi
Anupamaa Spoiler

Anupamaa SpoilerIn the popular serial Anupama of the small screen, one gets to see some twist or the other every day. Currently Anupama is going to enter her new house, but during this Anupama is forced to go against Barkha Bhabhi. Due to which Barkha gets angry.

In fact, in the last episode, we saw how Barkha is trying to humiliate Anupama’s family. But Anupama is seen coming forward and giving a befitting reply to Barkha. At the same time, after apologizing to her family, she takes them to the house for worship.

On the one hand, Anupama wants to get worship done in her new house. At the same time, Barkha has made arrangements for party and liquor in the house. Seeing this happening, Anupama gets angry and she sternly turns away Barkha’s aspirations. Seeing this attitude of Anupama, Barkha gets furious, she feels that Anupama has spoiled her party. However after a lot of uproar Anupama and Anuj sit in the puja, meanwhile Leela also points towards Barkha saying that she is arrogant.

The closeness of Anupama and her family starts to disturb Barkha. He starts getting scared that Anupama might not give away all the property in the name of her children. Due to which Barkha swears that she will ruin Anupama’s happiness. It will be interesting to see whether Anupama gets to know about Barkha’s intentions or not?

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