Agnipath Yojna: What is the eligibility for recruitment in Airforce under Agnipath? What facilities? – FAQ

Agnipath Yojna: Youth from 17.5 years to 21 years can apply to Airforce under Agnipath Scheme. Amidst protests across the country against the Central Government’s Agnipath scheme, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has released the details for recruitment under the scheme. In this, information has been given from qualification to the facilities and salary available to Agniveers. The Air Force is starting recruitment under the Agneepath scheme from June 24.

Agnipath Yojna – FAQ

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What facilities? – FAQ

Who can apply to IAF under the Agneepath scheme?

All citizens of India (whose age is eligible) can apply to the Airforce under this scheme.

What is the age limit for application? What are the physical and medical standards?

Youth between 17.5 years to 21 years can apply. For those who are below 18 years of age, their form will be signed by their parents.

The educational qualification and physical standards will be issued by the Air Force soon. Agniveers will also have to pass the medical standard for recruitment.

Will Agniveer deserve the honor?

According to the government guidelines for the Air Force, Agniveer will be entitled to receive honors and awards.

How many holidays will Agniveers get after recruitment?

According to the information released by the IAF, Agniveers will get 30 holidays annually. Apart from this, they will also be eligible for medical leave.

Will Agniveers get medical facilities from the Air Force?

During his service in the Indian Air Force, Agniveer will be entitled to medical facilities in service hospitals as well as in CSD Provisions.

How much salary will Agniveers get? Will he be entitled to the increment?

Under this scheme, Agniveer package of 30,000 per month will be paid with an annual increment. In addition, risk and hardship, dress and travel allowance will be paid.

Apart from this, Agniveers will also be given an insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh during their service in the Air Force.

Agnipath Yojna: Some other important things about the recruitment of Agniveers in the Air Force:

  • Agniveers will have no right to be further selected in the Armed Forces. The selection will be under the jurisdiction of the Government. Recruitment as Airmen in the regular cadre of Air Force except Medical Tradesmen will be available only to those who have completed their service as Agniveers.
  • Agniveers will not be released before the completion of their period of service at their request. This will happen only in exceptional cases with the permission of the Administration.
  • An Agniveer Corpus Fund will be created, which will not lapse. Every Agniveer will contribute 30% of his income to this. The government will provide an interest rate equal to PPF.

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