Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: Candidates who have passed physical, medical, and written will be joining?

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: All Details: Amidst the ongoing ruckus in many states regarding the Agnipath Scheme, a big clarification has been issued by the Army. Army officials said that many misconceptions are being spread about the Agneepath scheme. He clarified that there will be no direct joining of candidates who have passed Physical, Medical, and Written on the basis of previous recruitments. They will also have to go through the physical and medical process again. This is being considered a setback for the youth. While there is a big reason behind this.

On Sunday, June 19, during a joint interaction with the media, the top officials of the three services issued several clarifications regarding the Indian Army’s recruitment scheme Agnipath. In the presence of senior officers of the three services, Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Anil Puri, said that youth must be fit to serve the purpose of protecting the country by staying in the army. This is extremely important. Because the health of the youth who got infected during the Corona period has suffered in many ways. That’s why again medical is necessary.

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Allowances and facilities will be equal to serving regular soldiers

Puri told that Agniveers will get more salary, equal allowances, compensation, bank loan facility, and retirement in less time than the soldiers of general recruitment, that too income tax-free. Agniveers will get the same allowance as is applicable to regular soldiers currently serving in areas like Siachen, Rajasthan, and other areas. There shall be no discrimination against them in terms of service.
Along with this, a provision of about 10 percent reservation has been made in the departments of the Central Armed Forces and the Assam Rifles under the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs. The plan of reservation for Agniveer announced by various ministries and departments was pre-determined. Apart from this, skill development and employment-oriented training will also be provided, including the start of class 12th education and further graduation courses. There is an age relaxation of two years for the first-time recruits.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: Protests started due to a lack of information

Lt Gen Anil Puri clarified that the facilities and rules for Agniveers were pre-determined under the Agneepath scheme, the Defense Ministry had earlier just announced the plan. This plan was in the process of thinking since the 1980s, in the last two to three years, the process of army recruitment and modernization of the army of many countries has been studied. After that, it was finalized. Now is the right time to put it into practice. Even before its details were released, protests started due to a lack of information. He said that we had not anticipated the recent violence over this plan. There is no place for indiscipline in the armed forces.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: Army job will not be available if FIR is done

Lt Gen Anil Puri said that there is no place for indiscipline in the army. The candidate will write an affidavit in the nomination paper that he is not involved in any arson, protest or stone pelting, or criminal act. Police verification of all will be done and if FIR is found against anyone, then they cannot join army recruitment or Agniveer. Puri said that the foundation of the Indian Army is in the discipline. Police verification is 100 percent necessary for recruitment, without it no one can join.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: 1.25 lakh Agniveers to be recruited in the coming years

Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Anil Puri said that the target is to select 50-60 thousand soldiers in the next 4-5 years and later increase it to 90 thousand – one lakh and then to recruit 1.25 lakh Agniveer Sainiks annually. There is preparation. Started small by recruiting 46,000 to make a trial-like analysis of the scheme. As the infrastructure increases, so will the recruitment numbers.
Questioning the protest, Lt Gen Puri said that at present around 17,600 jawans are taking premature retirement from the three services every year. This is a matter of concern for the country. No one ever tried to ask him what he would do after retirement? He said that we want to bring youth and experience along with this reform.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: Agniveer recruitment in the Air Force will start on June 24

At the same time, Air Marshal SK Jha said that the recruitment process of the first batch of Agniveers in the Indian Air Force will start on June 24 after the notification is issued. The application process will be online. The online examination process will start on 24th July after the registration of Agniveer Batch No. Air Marshal SK Jha said that the enrollment of the first batch will be completed by December and their training will also start by December 30, 2022.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: Navy completed preparations for recruitment

Speaking on the Agneepath scheme, Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi said that the notification for the recruitment of Agniveer in the Navy will be issued by June 25. The application process will be online. This year the first naval ‘Agniveer’ training batch will be launched on November 21 at INS Chilka, Odisha. For this, the application of both male and female firefighters is allowed. Vice Admiral Tripathi informed that the Indian Navy currently has 30 women officers sailing on various ships. We have decided that we will also recruit women under the Agneepath scheme. They will also be deployed on warships.

Agnipath Scheme Sena Bharti: recruitment process will start in the Army in July

At the same time, on behalf of the Indian Army on the Agneepath plan, Lieutenant General Bansi Ponnappa said that the recruitment process for Agniveer in the Army will be started in July. Recruitment notification will be issued soon. By the first week of December, the Army will get the first batch of 25 thousand Agniveers. After this, the second batch will be inducted around February 2023, from which up to 40 thousand Agniveers will be recruited.

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