Agnipath Scheme: Anand Mahindra’s special gift to Agniveers will give them a chance to work in the Mahindra Group

Agnipath Scheme: Anand Mahindra has expressed grief over the violence on the Agnipath scheme and has talked about giving job opportunities to the firefighters.

Agnipath Scheme: Many people are protesting in the country regarding Agnipath Scheme. Meanwhile, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has made a big announcement for ‘Agniveeron’. Anand Mahindra has announced to give jobs to Agniveers after 4 years of service in the army. He has given this information through Twitter. He expressed grief over the violence over the Agneepath scheme and talked about giving job opportunities to Agniveers.

Agnipath Scheme: Anand Mahindra announced job

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Anand Mahindra tweeted and said, ‘Saddened by the violence over the Agnipath Yojana. Last year, when the idea of ​​this scheme came up, I had said and now I repeat it again that the discipline and skills that Agniveer will learn under this will provide him excellent employment opportunities. He said that Mahindra Group welcomes the recruitment of such trained, capable youth.

He further said ‘The huge employment potential of Agniveers in the corporate sector, leadership, teamwork, and physical training will provide the industry with ready-made professionals according to the market in the form of Agniveers. The entire market from operations to administration and supply chain management will be open to them.

Under this scheme, Agniveers will be recruited in the Army, Air Force, and Navy, where they will be kept for 4 years. After this, after the completion of training, they will get deployment. At the same time, after 4 years, 25% of the Agniveers will be put forward in the army. Opponents of this plan are arguing that it will further increase unemployment and make their careers uncertain. However, the government categorically denies this.

What is the ‘Agneepath’ scheme

Under the Agneepath scheme of the Centre, this year 46 thousand youth are to be inducted into the Sahastra forces. According to the (What is Agnipath Yojana) scheme, the youth will be recruited for four years and they will be called ‘Agniveer’. The age of Agniveers will be between 17 to 21 years and salary will be 30-40 thousand per month. According to the plan, 25 percent of the recruited youth will get further opportunities in the army and the remaining 75 percent will have to leave the job. For the first time, the upper age limit has been increased to 23 years.

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