Agneepath scheme: First, know why there is a protest?

Agneepath scheme: Biggest ruckus in UP-Bihar, which state is ahead in army recruitment? story by story

There is a ruckus across the country regarding the army’s new recruitment scheme ‘Agneepath’. Youth from at least 14 states have come on the road. Protests have turned violent in states like UP-Bihar. Trains are being blown up here. Stones are being pelted at government offices, BJP leaders, and BJP offices.

The question arises why is there more ruckus in UP-Bihar and Rajasthan only? Let’s understand from statistics and experts the full story behind it

First, know why there is a protest?

Under the ‘Agneepath Recruitment Scheme‘, the youth will get an opportunity to join the army for a period of four years. The age limit for recruitment has been fixed from 17 and a half years to 21 years. However, this year, two years of relaxation have been given to the youth in the age limit. That means youth up to 23 years of age will be able to participate in the recruitment to be held in 2022.

After four years of service, 75 percent of the soldiers will be relieved of duty. A maximum of 25 percent of the willing jawans will get a chance to serve in the army even further. This will happen when there are vacancies. The jawans who will be released from service will get preference in the armed forces and other government jobs. The youth say that after four years of service, they will become unemployed again. Therefore, they should be given the opportunity of recruitment as before. There has been an uproar in the country regarding this.

Agneepath scheme: Now know why the maximum ruckus in Bihar and UP only?

Although there is a ruckus in many states regarding Agneepath, its most impact is being seen in UP and Bihar. In Rajasthan too, thousands of youth are protesting from road to railway track. The biggest reason for this is that in all the three wings of the army, land, water, and air force, the maximum number of soldiers come from UP and Bihar.

Agneepath scheme: UP is number 1 in the matter of giving jawans

According to the figures of the Ministry of Defense, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of 2.14 lakh jawans. Of these, 1.44 lakh youth are ORs in the Army, while 18407 are JCOs. Rajasthan is at number two in this case, where 1.05 lakh youth are posted in different posts in the Indian Army. Bihar is at number three. 1.02 lakh youths here are in the army. Punjab comes at number four. 94 thousand 723 youth of Punjab are serving in all the three wings of the Indian Army.

Agneepath scheme: Any other reason for maximum ruckus in UP-Bihar?

To know the answer, we contacted senior journalist Umesh Kumar Jha of Bihar. Asked him the same question. He said, ‘Actually in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal, youth focus on army preparation from childhood. For this, he studies only as much as is necessary for army recruitment. Meaning the entire focus of the youth remains only and only on army recruitment. In such a situation, he is worried that after serving in the army for four years, what will he be able to do later? Because even his studies are not worth it he can do anything else.

Agneepath scheme: This is also a big reason for the ruckus

Jha further says, ‘The second biggest reason for the ruckus is related to a social evil. Even today there is a lot of dowry in Bihar and UP adjoining Bihar. The youth doing government jobs here get a hefty dowry. Then why should he be a peon in some department? At the same time, if someone earns two lakh rupees a month in the private sector, then there is a problem with his marriage. This is the reason why most youths aspire for government jobs.

Agneepath scheme: Recruitment of three lakh soldiers in five years

On April 1, the Ministry of Defense replied to a question in the Lok Sabha. In this, the details of army recruitment done across the country from 2015 to 2019. It has been told that 71,804 jawans were recruited in 2015. After this, 52,447 jawans were recruited in 2016, 50,026 in 2017, 53,431 in 2018 and 80,572 in 2019. There was no recruitment in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona.

Agneepath scheme: UP’s highest recruitment of jawans in five years

According to the data, in these five years, the maximum number of 37 thousand 459 jawans were recruited from Uttar Pradesh. 28 thousand 306 from Punjab, 25 thousand 399 from Rajasthan, 24 thousand 103 from Maharashtra, and 16 thousand 281 youth from Bihar were recruited into the army.

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